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House Call Mobile Veterinarian for Springfield, Northampton and Longmeadow MA

Pets prefer their home environment more than anyplace else--even the park! They feel safer and more comfortable when surrounded by familiar smells, people and objects. However, take a pet out of his sanctuary for a trip to the veterinarian and you have one stressed, anxious animal.

Just like people visiting their physician for a check-up feel nervous and uncomfortable in a clinical setting, pets experience the same kind of physiological and emotional stress when visiting a vet's office. Increased heart and respiratory rate, inaccurate blood pressure readings and even abnormal blood sugar levels are typically recorded by vets attempting to assess a pet's health at their clinic. In addition, diagnostic tests can also be affected by "vet anxiety" which can delay treatment or cause the wrong treatment to be given to an animal.

5 Great Benefits of Using Mobile Vet Services for Pets and Their Caregivers.  House Calls for your Pet's health care needs

1. It is simply more convenient for your pet to have the veterinarian visit him at home. Shy, elderly, aggressive and larger breed dogs also benefit from our Mobile Vet Services because they do not have to experience the stress of carrier confinement, suffering vomiting or incontinence from riding in cars or leaving the security of their home.

2. People with multi-pet households or hectic work schedules can have our vet visit them at their convenience instead of rushing to accommodate traditional open/close hours.

3. For couples with babies or children, it is so much easier to have the vet visit them. Trying to get the kids and a pet (or pets) to the vet for a schedule appointment can be traumatic for everyone involved.

4. Senior citizens, handicapped individuals or people who do not drive will feel good knowing they are taking excellent care of their pets using our mobile vet service. In addition, Mobile Vet of Western Massachusetts offers discounted services for senior citizens so they can easily afford to take care of their beloved pets.

5. By not bringing pets to the office, you won't be exposing your pet to another animal's sickness or possible aggressiveness. Elderly pets often have compromised immune systems that make them especially susceptible to airborne or surface bacteria and viruses.

Animal Health Conditions That Can Be Treated at Home

In addition to providing at-home physical examinations, we also give vaccinations (rabies, parvo, distemper, Lyme disease, etc) and can microchip your pet for identification purposes in the comfort of your home. We can also recommend a professional animal behaviorist who can come to your home and correct problem behaviors common to many dogs and cats, such as aggression, noise phobias, barking, jumping, furniture scratching and general hyperactivity. 

Gentle at Home Pet Euthanasia

When the time comes for saying good-bye to your pet being in the privacy and comfort of your own home can not be any better.  We offer gentle home euthanasia to avoid any possible risk of a crisis situation where even I was a next door neighbor I could not get there fast enough. 

Call Mobile Vet Services of Springfield, Northampton, and Longmeadow, Massachusetts today to schedule a convenient home visit from Dr. Sidorsky for vaccination updates, wellness check-ups or if you think your pet may be suffering from an illness or disease.  Our services extend to East Longmeadow, Enfield Ct, Somers Ct, Wilbarham and through out Western MA.



Thank you so much for coming to our house on such short notice this Sunday to help with our cat Molly.  It was important to us that her passing take place in the familiar and comfortable surroundings of her home and you made that possible.

Thank you,

Sean, Laurie, Katie, and Bridie

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