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The dog flu is making it’s way through the country again and while not in Massachusetts yet, there’s a high probability it could make it to our area.

The dog flu once again popping up across the nation.  Most recently, it become a problem in Chicago.

However, according to Dr. Robert Sidorsky, owner of Mobile Vet Services of Western Massachusetts, because the flu is highly contagious, it could potentially show up here.

“When you see a dog, it might be coughing, lethargic, not eating well, high temp.  Most people report it as a very nasty case of kennel cough,” said Sidorsky.

Just like humans, it’s passed through dog-to-dog contact, like sneezing and coughing.

“When they get it, it’s just like from people.  Isolation is really important.  If you’re in doggie day care or kennel, they are really prone or shelters are always very prone.  It should be brought to a vet.  The deaths are low.  The likelihood your dog would die is low, but it should be identified looked at and because it’s reportable, it’s very serious that it’s spread very, very easily,” Sidorsky added.

According to Sidorsky, a vaccination is available and while relatively new, we spoke with one dog owner who vaccinated all three of her dogs, just to stay safe.

“I had never heard about it and I was interested and asked questions.  They said how dangerous it could be, so I just got them vaccinated,” said Sue Johnson.

Sidorsky also said that this strain is a different flu strain than the one that was very big a few years ago.

Again, if you see symptoms like this in your dog, seek a veterinarian’s help immediately.

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