How to tame Catzillas

Human-directed aggression in our furry feline friends. I saw this article recently and just need to share it with all of you. Unfortunately, we see our fair share of this behavior in our kitty friends and it does present a significant problem when trying to help with routine care or any health issue.  Please, […]

Yes, tick season is here. Beware…

Common Tick Infestation Symptoms in Dogs (Information and diagram from a Carrington College student Audrey Jenkins) Yes, tick season is here.  Beware….. Ticks are small yet dangerous pests. Not only can they cause a range of serious health problems for your dog, they are also capable of jumping from pets onto you or your, […]

Canine Influenza

Here is a link to a Channel 40 News report about Canine Influenza: The copy/text of the story is below. SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) – The dog flu is making it’s way through the country again and while not in Massachusetts yet, there’s a high probability it could make it to our area. The, […]

Cats: Are they really more independent than dogs?

I can’t assume that everyone has a special place in their hearts for our feline friends.  Those of you who have or have had cats know that they clearly don’t act like little dogs and that there is sometimes a “love/hate” relationship that can be very confusing to the average human.  Part of that, […]

Leash Choices

THE BEST LEASH CHOICE FOR YOUR DOG When choosing the proper leash for your pet it is important to remember that it is not just a restraint but a connection between you and your dog. The leash is the most important piece of equipment for the safety of your pet as well as the, […]

LEASH AGGRESSION But, he’s really very nice….

LEASH AGGRESSION: Dogs Anti-Social Behavior “But, he’s really very nice…….”. Your normally, nice, social, and friendly dog in your home, becomes a barking, aggressive terror while on walks on a leash. What to do? A frustrating trait in some dogs is leash aggression. Also known as “leash-reactivity”, this behavior can be very frustrating for, […]

Salty Paws: A Road to Avoid

Paw Protection 101. Let’s avoid a common winter health hazard. When a snow storm hits the obvious main concern is getting your pet outside to relieve himself, get fresh air and exercise. But there are problems with a storm that can affect your pet’s health. The main concern is the salt that is put, […]

Is your pet in pain?

What pet owner wouldn’t give anything to know what our companions are thinking and saying? Wouldn’t that answer so many questions about their behavior both good and bad? But probably the most important benefit to this communication would be to know when they’re in pain and not feeling right. Here are some signs that, […]

Look who’s barking now: Barnaby’s Post

Hi, I’m Barnaby. I’m almost three years old. A dog of mixed heritage. Some would call me a terrier. Dr. Sidorsky said I’m a great guy. I have my good points, “a little dog anyone would love as a pet”. He said I could use this spot to share the story written about my, […]

Stavros 2014 Access Award Winner

Paul Winske Award Winner: Robert G. Sidorsky DVM For many people with disabilities, their companion animals are a vital part of their lives. But getting medical care for them isn’t always easy, especially in Franklin where transportation options are limited. Dr. Sidorsky bases his whole practice on house calls, allowing disable folks the chance, […]

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