Euthanasia: Difficult Choices

Euthanasia and end of life decisions:  Difficult choices from Terry Gross’s interview with John Bradshaw. Copied below is another part of the interview on NPR that I posted earlier on cat behvior. As a veterinarian and someone who has been helping both cat and dog owners through the process of euthanasia, I found the following, […]

Can an old vet be taught new tricks?

As a committed veterinary professional I have always taken seriously not only the need for regular continuing education from the standard conferences and available online webinars but also from my colleagues and clients. So, it should have not been a surprise to me when attending a recent veterinary continuing education conference that I would, […]

Importance of Annual Exams

Mobile Vet of Western Mass offers in-home annual checkups for your pets. We understand that your pets are most comfortable at home, which is why our veterinary practice comes to you with everything needed to examine and treat your pet. The Importance of Having Your Pet Examined Once a Year Many pet owners believe if, […]

Pain Management for Your Pet

Pain Afflicting Younger and Older Pets If your pain suffers from acute or chronic pain, you would probably do anything to take that discomfort away. Fortunately, modern veterinary medicine offers many different pain relief and pain management options, including: NSAIDs – These medicines are commonly used for temporary relief of pain, swelling and inflammation. As, […]

Advice on Pet Obesity from Our Mobile Veterinarian

Rising obesity rates are a problem for more than American adults and children. These rates are also Pet Obesity in Massachusettssteadily increasing for family pets, according to our mobile veterinarian. Here is the good news — working with an experienced veterinarian can help prevent obesity in your dog or cat, or help an overweight, […]

Cats think we’re cats. Really

The other day I was listening to the radio and happened to hear an interesting item: If you have a cat or have been around them and have ever questioned their unique behavior towards us here might be an explanation. The cat probably thinks of you as a cat yourself — just a much, […]

Never get lost in the woods: Bring your dog along

Survival information You know what you learned as a boy or girl scout for survival in the woods and how not to get lost, that moss grows on the north side of a tree.  Well now if you happen not to be around any trees and you have your dog along for the hike, […]

Euthanasia: Is it time yet????

Is it time yet? A question that we are asked a lot. There are several ways to approach the question of euthanasia. One major factor we always talk to with our clients and people that are faced with this very personal and emotional issue is to understand the values that they may be weighing,, […]

The Yellow Dog Project

Check out this interesting project so you will not be “out of the loop” the next time you see a dog with a yellow ribbon attached to its leach., […]

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