How Much Should I Feed My Cat

How much should I feed?

The average 10 pound cat requires about 200 kcal (calories) per day. Cats should always be fed according to their ideal weight: if they are chubby, feed less for the amount we’d like them to weigh. Keep in mind that dry foods are much more calorie dense than canned foods. On average it takes about 2-3 cans of food (5.5 oz.) to equal the calories in about ½ cup of most dry foods.

General things to keep in mind regarding cat diets.

Cats are obligate carnivores and are metabolically designed to consume diets with the following general composition: 1) animal (not plant)-based protein (>50% calories), 2) moderate fat (~20-45% calories), 3) very low carbohydrate (1-2% calories), 4) water-rich (~70%).  Cats have a low thirst drive and are designed to get their water  needs met by their prey or food bowl. Canned food (vs dry kibble) promotes urinary tract health and optimal systemic hydration which is especially critical for cats with kidney insufficiency.

“Grain-free” does not necessarily mean “low-carb”. Potatoes and peas are often used in “grain-free” products which *may* result in a high carbohydrate diet. This is why it is important to consider the composition (% calories from protein/fat/carbohydrate) and not just the ingredient list. The ingredient list does not tell you how much potato, rice, vegetable matter etc., is in a product. If the diet is low in carbohydrates, there can’t be much of those ingredients in the product. Note that “gravy” foods tend to be high in carbohydrates. 100% of a diet’s calories come from protein, fat, and carbohydrate. Therefore: % protein calories + % fat calories + % carbohydrate calories = 100% This means that if, for example, a diet is appropriately low in carbohydrates, the diet will be higher in protein, fat, or both. It is like a three-way teeter totter – if one fraction goes up or down, one, or both, of the other two must increase or decrease accordingly.

Companies vary greatly in their willingness to provide basic ‘typical nutrient analysis’ data. Many companies provided data promptly or they post the data on their website (gold stars to them) but it was necessary to call and email a number of companies many times before receiving any information.  Note that the information requested for inclusion on this list is not excessive and is freely stated on many pet food company websites. It is basic nutritional information that all pet food manufacturers should make readily available.

Low in carbohydrates


Turkey & Giblets (248 kcal/can)


Chicken (210 kcal/can)

Sliced Chicken in Sauce (206 kcal/can)

Lamb & Rice (185 kcal/can)


Salmon in Consomme (82 kcal/ 3oz can)

Sardines in Consomme (68 kcal/ 3oz can)

Swordfish in Consomme (62 kcal/ 3oz can)

Tuna & Prawns (71 kcal/ 3oz can)

Tuna & Chicken with Vegetables (81 kcal/ 3oz can)

BFF (Best Feline Friends)-

Tuna & Chicken (65 kcal/ 3oz can)

Tuna & Salmon Soulmates (65 kcal/ 3oz can)

Tuna & Shrimp Sweethearts (65 kcal/ 3oz can)

Tuna Too Cool (62 kcal/ 3oz can)

Tuna & Bonito Be Mine (64 kcal/ 3oz can)

Tuna & Tilapia Twosome (64 kcal/ 3oz can)

Tuna & Pumpkin Valentine (63 kcal/ 3oz can)

Tuna & Chicken Chuckles (65 kcal/ 3oz can)


Kitten- Entree with Gourmet Chicken (113 kcal/ 3oz can)

Adult- Entree with Gourmet Chicken (177 kcal/can)

Adult- Entree with Pacific Salmon (187 kcal/can)


Cat & Kitten- Turkey & Chicken Formula (200 kcal/can)

95% Chicken & Turkey (210 kcal/can)

95% Beef (210 kcal/can)

95% Duck (217 kcal/can)

Fancy Feast


Tender Turkey Feast (92 kcal/3oz can)

Tender Ocean Whitefish Feast (84 kcal/3oz can)


Chicken Feast (90 kcal/3oz can)

Turkey Feast (87 kcal/3oz can)

Chopped Grilled Feast (94 kcal/3oz can)

Fancy Feast


Chopped Grill Feast (91 kcal/3oz can)

Cod, Sole, & Shrimp Feast (83 kcal/3oz can)

Chicken Feast (91 kcal/3oz can)

Salmon & Shrimp Feast (89 kcal/3oz can)

Seafood Feast (87 kcal/3oz can)

Ocean Whitefish & Tuna Feast (82 kcal/3oz can)

Savory Salmon Feast (97 kcal/3oz can)

Turkey & Giblets Feast (94 kcal/3oz can)

Tender Beef Feast (93 kcal/3oz can)

Tender Beef & Chicken Feast (94 kcal/3oz can)

Tender Beef & Liver Feast (94 kcal/3oz can)

Tender Liver & Chicken (80 kcal/3oz can)


Chicken & Tuna Feast (102 kcal/3oz can)

Fish & Shrimp Feast (89 kcal/3oz can)

Salmon & Whitefish Feast (104 kcal/3oz can)

Trout Feast (107 kcal/3oz can)


Classic Pate-

Ocean Whitefish & Tuna Dinner (171 kcal/can)

Chicken & Tuna Dinner in Sauce (187 kcal/can)

Salmon Dinner (185 kcal/can)

Sea Captain’s Choice (171 kcal/can)

Turkey & Giblets Dinner (187 kcal/can)

Supreme Supper (156 kcal/can)

Seafood Entree (171 kcal/can)

Poultry Platter (187 kcal/can)

Liver & Chicken Dinner (171 kcal/can)

Mariner’s Catch (169 kcal/can)


Tuna in Sauce (172 kcal/can)

Tuna & Egg in Sauce (171 kcal/can)

Special Diet-

Classic Pate Beef & Chicken Entree (181 kcal/can)

Classic Pate Beef & Liver Entree (181 kcal/can)

Classic Pate Turkey & Giblets Dinner (166 kcal/can)

Classic Pate Whitefish Dinner (172 kcal/can)


Spot’s Pate Chicken (278 kcal/can)

Spot’s Pate Whitefish (278 kcal/can)



Cookout (162 kcal/can)

Southern Delight (146 kcal/can)

Surf N Turf (160 kcal/can)

B.G. (Before Grain)-

96% Beef (76 kcal/3.2oz can)

96% Chicken (89 kcal/3.2oz can)

96% Quail & Chicken (79 kcal/3.2oz can)

96% Salmon (80 kcal/3.2oz can)

96% Tuna (82 kcal/3.2oz can)

96% Turkey (85 kcal/3.2oz can)

Nature’s Logic-

Chicken (241 kcal/can)

Rabbit (252 kcal/can)

Duck & Salmon (229 kcal/can)

Natural Balance Delectable Delights-

Catatouille (45 kcal/3oz can)

Life’s a Beach (70 kcal/3oz can)

Purrfect Paella (55 kcal/3oz can)

O’Fishally Scampi (45 kcal/3oz can)

Sea Brulee (50 kcal/3oz can)

Nature’s Variety Instinct-

Chicken (202 kcal/can)

Beef (214 kcal/can)

Lamb (238 kcal/can)

Duck (205 kcal/can)

Venison (222 kcal/can)


Chicken & Ocean Fish (196 kcal/can)

Chicken & Tuna (183 kcal/can)

Ocean Fish (170 kcal/can)



Chunky Chicken Entree (89 kcal/3oz can)

Chicken & Liver Entree (98 kcal/3oz can)

Whitefish & Salmon (91 kcal/3oz can)

Turkey & Giblets (80 kcal/3oz can)


Chicken & Liver Entree (98 kcal/3oz can)

Whitefish & Tuna Entree (99 kcal/3oz can)

Salmon & Ocean Fish Entree (99 kcal/3oz can)


Chicken & Brown Rice (94 kcal/3oz can)

Chicken & Brown Rice-kitten (98 kcal/3oz can)

Salmon & Brown Rice (99 kcal/3oz can)

Beef & Brown Rice (99 kcal/3oz can)

Turkey & Wild Rice (93 kcal/3oz can)

Tuna & Mackerel Entree (90 kcal/3oz can)

Cod & Shrimp Entree (93 kcal/3oz can)


Chicken & Beef Entree

Salmon & Tuna Entree

Purina One

Classic Chicken Recipe (93 kcal/3oz can)

Classic Turkey Recipe (95 kcal/3oz can)

Classic Beef Recipe (95 kcal/3oz can)

Ocean Whitefish Recipe (87 kcal/3oz can)


Shrimply Divine (64 kcal/3oz can)

Double Happiness (tuna & crab surimi in gelee) (66 kcal/3oz can)

Polynesian Picnic (chicken & tilapia in gelee) (68 kcal/3oz can)

Celestial Feast (sardines & tuna in gelee) (75 kcal/3oz can)

Upstream Dream (salmon & tuna in gelee) (69 kcal/3oz can)

Surf ‘N’ Earth (tuna & vegetables in gelee) (75 kcal/3oz can)

Nautical Nirvana (tuna & skipback in gravy) (79 kcal/3oz can)


Koolina Luau (succulent chicken with egg) (136 kcal/6oz can)

Puka Puka Luau (succulent chicken in consomme) (182 kcal/6oz can)

Hookena Luau (ahi tuna & chicken) (168 kcal/6oz can)

Napili Luau (wild salmon & chicken) (155 kcal/6oz can)

Hawaiian Grill (ahi tuna) (172 kcal/6oz can)

Lanai Luau (tuna in crab surimi consomme) (153 kcal/6oz can)

Manana Grill (ahi tuna with tiger prawns in consumme) (187 kcal/6oz can)

Bora Bora Luau (sardine cutlets in lobster consomme) (126 kcal/6oz can)

Hanalei Luau (wild salmon) (150 kcal/6oz can)

Hana Luau (ahi tuna with crab) (177 kcal/6oz can)

Papeeko Luau (ahi tuna & mackeral) (162 kcal/6oz can)

Tahitian Grill (sardine cutlets) (179 kcal/6oz can)

Makaha Luau (mackeral & sardine) (129 kcal/6oz can)

Wellness Complete Heath-

Kitten Recipe (223 kcal/can)

Chicken Recipe (220 kcal/can)

Turkey Recipe (218 kcal/can)

Beef & Chicken Recipe (194 kcal/can)

Turkey & Salmon Recipe (182 kcal/can)

Chicken & Herring Recipe (189 kcal/can)

Beef & Salmon Recipe (196 kcal/can)


Kitten Formula (195 kcal/can)

Turkey & Duck Formula (188 kcal/can)

Beef, Venison, & Lamb Formula (210 kcal/can)


Paw Lickin’ Chicken (108 kcal/can)

Marbella Paella (136 kcal/can)

Outback Grill (135 kcal/can)


Lamb Recipe (220 kcal/6oz can)

Venison recipe (197 kcal/6oz can)

Venison & Fish Recipe (198 kcal/6oz can)

Lamb & Rabbit Recipe (207 kcal/6oz can)

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