Mobile Vet of Western Mass offers in-home annual checkups for your pets. We understand that your pets are most comfortable at home, which is why our veterinary practice comes to you with everything needed to examine and treat your pet.

The Importance of Having Your Pet Examined Once a Year

Many pet owners believe if their pets are not showing any signs of disease, they are fine. The truth is that pets often do not show signs or symptoms of illness until it is fairly advanced and difficult to treat. By scheduling a pet wellness exam once a year, you are ensuring that your pet is in good health and making it more likely that illnesses and diseases will be caught early, allowing your pet to make a full recovery without any long term negative effects.

During the annual exam, we check your pet’s mouth, coat, ears, legs, tail and torso. Our vet will check for fleas and other parasites and ask about any behavior problems or unusual behaviors, and if your pet is overweight or underweight, we will suggest diet and exercise regimens.

We also provide vaccinations, including rabies, distemper and parvovirus, and if your pet is suffering from an ailment, we will administer treatment on-site.

Our Mobile Check Up Services

Our mobile vet offers a wide range of at-home care services, including your pet’s annual check up, microchip insertion and identification and euthanasia. If your pet needs diagnostic services or emergency care, we are partnered with several veterinary hospitals and clinics where treatment can be administered. During these urgent and emergency situations, we can provide referrals to veterinary hospitals for diagnostic services and surgeries, X-rays and MRIs, ECGs, annual dental cleanings and dental services, laboratory diagnostics and behavior treatment programs.

We can examine and treat dogs, cats and horses. On occasion, we even treat sheep llamas, goats and other farm animals.

When is the last time you had your dog or cat examined for illnesses and vaccinated?