Hi, I’m Barnaby.

I’m almost three years old. A dog of mixed heritage. Some would call me a terrier. Dr. Sidorsky said I’m a great guy. I have my good points, “a little dog anyone would love as a pet”.

He said I could use this spot to share the story written about my friend, Spaghetti, who had quite an adventure. Here is the first chapter…..

I hope you and your children will enjoy it.



Chapter 1

I’m so excited. Tomorrow is the day. There was a time when I doubted it would ever come. I can talk about it now and want to share it with you. Oh I forgot. My name is Spaghetti. I know. Right? Well that‟s the name my adopted mother gave me. Her name is Jennifer. I don‟t call her my owner because I don‟t think anyone should own anyone else. You are probably thinking that‟s a pretty silly name for a dog. Yes. I‟m a dog. A combination of Maltese and Yorkshire terrier to be exact. That makes me a “morkie.” I‟m told I‟m small but I’ve never looked in a mirror. I don‟t feel small. But people call me “little guy” and “shrimp”. So I guess I must be. And to tell you the truth being called Spaghetti hasn’t been so easy. I was made fun of by other dogs and people just laughed when they heard my name. It was hurtful to me although I don‟t think they were really being cruel. Just having some fun at my expense. Until they got to know me. Now they like me and don‟t laugh much anymore. Sometimes they call me “Noodle Boy” but I think that‟s an affectionate name so I don‟t mind.

Jennifer adopted me about a year ago. I was just a few weeks old. I think we were both lucky to have found each other. For me it was love at first sight. I think for her too. Mom isn’t married so she‟s a single parent to me. There are a lot of different families in my building. Two parents, one single mom, one single dad, two moms, two dads. It makes life very interesting.

Jennifer has an anxiety issue and needed a service dog to comfort her. She gets very nervous when she has to go places alone. So if you‟re a service dog you get to go everywhere with your mom. Even places where dogs aren’t allowed. Like restaurants, movie theaters and stores. Cool right? So I actually have a job, although I really don‟t have to do anything except be there for Jennifer and be a good companion. If you have to have a job this is the best one to have. I even have a cool tag to wear around my neck that says „service dog‟ on it. Some of my friends are pretty envious.

Back to my story. Life was as good as it gets. I was living in a building right on the beach in Santa Monica, California and had a lot of friends. Too many to mention by name right now. Well one day about three months ago Jennifer took two suitcases out of the closet. This could only mean one thing. We were going on a trip. Traveling really isn’t my thing. I have a view of the ocean from my window. I get to play with my friends every day and I can pee when I need to right on the sand. In a plane I have to hold it for a long time.

I wondered where we were going. I heard mom talking on the phone. She mentioned Switzerland. I know she was born there but I have no idea where it is. Just hope it‟s close by. As I mentioned before, traveling is not my thing.

Uh oh. I looked in the suitcases and saw a lot of clothes for cold weather. I‟m not happy. I tend to shiver when it gets cold. Looks like we‟re going to Switzerland. And it‟s not going to be warm.