Fall 2011.

I hope everyone is has been able to enjoy some of the great fall weather we have been having this year. We are now watching the seasonal peak of color as the Fall foliage display is well on its way. The seasonal beauty is a welcomed change from this year’s two major disasters, a tornado and flood which will have a some major long term effects on the Pioneer Valley and Hill-town area.

This period of time marks other changes that you might be observing in your pets health. The Pioneer Valley has always been an area of high rates of illness from allergies in both dogs and cats but, this year I have seen many severe cases of respiratory illness in cats, that have been asthma related. I suspect the hot, wet weather did not help with a lot of pollen and mold in the air.

Please note that although with a few more good frosts the flea and mosquito population will die this this is not the case for ticks. I usually say “tick season is from snow melt to snow fall.” So, please continue using tick preventive measures to keep them from jumping on your pets.

If you are looking for a good book to read this Fall/Winter I would suggest: A Dog’s Purpose, A novel for Humans. By W. Bruce Cameron. http://adogspurpose.com/