Mobile Vet Services in Springfield, MA

House Call Veterinarian available for Springfield, Holyoke, Chicopee, and all of Western MA towns

Your pet is a member of your family and you want the best for him. You want him to have top notch health care so naturally you want to find a veterinarian who is as concerned about your pet as you are. Dr. Sidorsky of Mobile Vet of Western Mass has been providing quality care to pets for more than 25 years. His mobile vet services in Springfield, MA is a unique pet health care service that makes house calls – and both you and your pet will enjoy the benefits.

Less Stress on your Pet

Going to the vet can be stressful to your pet, particularly if your animal is naturally nervous. When he can see the vet in familiar surrounding such as his own home, it isn’t as anxiety producing. It is much easier on him and he can relax. This option is also good for older pets and animals that are very ill.

To the owner of a pet that gets carsick, or one who has several dogs or cats to load into the car, a trip to the vet can be a nightmare. A mobile vet eliminates those hassles and makes vet visits much more pleasant.

Less Stress on You

Our mobile vet service is also less stressful for you. When you have to take time off of work, load up your pet or pets in the car, drive across town, fight traffic, and then have to wait in a noisy, crowded waiting room, even a simple well pet vet visit will frazzle your nerves.

With our service you bypass all of those nerve-wracking situations. Your vet comes to you; no traffic, no waiting rooms, just you, your pet, and the veterinarian.

A quote from one of our clients: “It makes going to the vet easy!” 🙂   With our housecall service your pet’s doctor actually comes to your home.  For anyone living in Springfield, Holyoke, Chicopee or surrounding areas it is as “stress free” as possible.

More Focused Approach

When you can see your vet in your own home there are fewer distractions for everyone. A house call gives the vet time and opportunity to observe your pet in an environment that is most comfortable to him. That allows the vet to better assess any problems with your dog or cat and he can make better determinations regarding the course of treatment and give a more accurate diagnosis.

There is nothing to pull his attention from your pet, allowing a healthier environment. It also makes it easier to provide certain therapies for your pet and your veterinarian can give you more relevant advice on pet care in your apartment, house, wherever you live.

Convenient Scheduling

Mobile vet services in Springfield, MA work around your schedule. You make appointments that work best for you; you are not held to the confines of restrictive office hours. Whether you need early morning appointments, evening, or at lunch time, we will come to you and do our best to accommodate your busy schedule.

For convenient, low stress, quality veterinary care, Mobile Vet of Western Mass is here for you. We are about your pet and we are committed to keeping all of our furry patients healthy and happy.

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