It is a beautiful Fall day where the air is crisp, the leaf color is at its peak and “life is good” here in New England. We are truly fortunate to be able to live in such a nice environment. We would like to welcome you to our new website and to this blog. It is our hope that this blog will enable our growing community of friends and their pets to be able to discuss and post timely information about the care, treatment and general health related needs of our pets here in the Pioneer Valley and throughout western Mass. For that mater, we would be interested in hearing anything else that you may wish to share in this blog with others. It may be any of your own experiences or any individual questions that you may have We’re certain that those comments or questions will be of benefit for all.

One topic that many people ask about is how to get reliable or accurate information about their pets health care on the internet. As many of you probably already know if you search for a specific veterinary topic online you will see literally hundreds or thousands of bits of information about any illness, treatment or medication. Some of this information may be very helpful and accurate but you have to very careful. Many times information posted is not correct or can be misleading. To help with this problem I have found the following website to be very good when it comes to getting correct and helpful information about veterinary care and treatment. It is If you ever have a need to search for information about your pet’s health and I can not be reach, consider looking at this site for help.

Enjoy the Fall season. Sincerely yours Robert and Linda.